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Our Story

The story of Beaver Creek Coffee Estate is the story of our family.

The story of Beaver Creek Coffee – is the story of our family– three generations of coffee growers who call Beaver Creek Estate home. It’s here that the world’s southernmost coffee growing plantation is found that lends itself to excellent coffee-growing conditions and one in which our Arabica cultivar flourishes.

The product of this fortunate combination of geography and love of coffee?…. Oh, just some of the world’s finest coffee. But don’t let us tell you – it’s a claim best tested by sampling the Estate’s products for yourself.

Coffee of Origin – what’s it all about?

Just as the ‘Wine of Origin’ term is used in the wine trade, so coffee producers the world over have adopted the ‘Coffee of Origin’ qualifier to identify their product as coming from a specific area, unlike blended coffees which could come from, well, anywhere.

Our Beaver Creek coffee is single origin, a claim that can be experienced in the unique taste and aroma of our Estate Reserve.

Our Coffee:

Beaver Creek is down-to-earth coffee for round the house and home – the kind of drink you’d have at the ready whilst reading a book, curled up on the couch or when friends come round for a visit. Friendly and familiar, it’s an all-round crowd pleaser.

Our Beaver Creek Estate Coffee of Origin is available in three Arabica Varietals – SL 28, Catuai and F6. Grown and harvested on our farm, we’re proud to say that these are the freshest coffees you will ever taste.

Our Roastery Blends consist of four signature blends that have been mastered over the years. These include Espresso Blend, Ed\’s Blend, Transkei Gold and House Blend. These are roasted three ways – Mild, Medium and Bold. Each has its own colour code, making for easy identification. Roasted on site our coffee consists of the freshest Arabica and comes freshly ground or as beans for home grinding.

Our Freshness Guarantee:

Because freshness is of the utmost importance, we roast each batch to order, “cup” and dispatch fresh to you. Packaged in a foil pack with a one-way valve, making sure that the coffee inside is as fresh as when it came out of our roaster. If you are not satisfied with your coffee please call to have your order replaced.

This commitment to quality is our promise to you.

Thanks for taking the time to find out about our coffee, and don’t forget – if you’re in the area, pop in for a cup of our world-class coffee.

You’re always welcome!

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